Dear Cindy, thank you for that live performance of the Beatitudes! I especially love their enthusiasm when they get to "Rejoice!"  You have just reinforced a powerful scripture that will be with them forever! Thank you for sharing your gift of song writing! -Denise

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Hi Cindy, my name is Louise and I am the music coordinator at a small village primary school in Staffordshire, England. I have just listened to your Mother's Day song on YOU TUBE  "I Love You 'Cos You're My Mum" and I thought it was brilliant. I would love to teach it to our whole school for our Mother's Day service at our church in March. 
Kind regards, Louise


As I was checking out songs to do with our kids choirs for Mother's Day, your original songs stood out from the rest!!!  Thank you for your refreshing creativity and fun lyrics!!!  It is obvious that the kids enjoy singing the songs that you write!  Please keep doing what you do so well as you have a special gift.....I have been teaching the kids choir for almost 30 years at our local church and I am always looking for new material that the kids will love to sing.  I recently viewed your YouTube videos for "I Love Her 'Cause She's My Mom" and "Mother's Blues" - They're AWESOME! So fun and current! --Sandy 

Hi Cindy, I work with 3yr-6th graders at our small southern Baptist Church in Louisiana.  We have been studying the Beatitudes for several weeks.  Just recently I saw your rap on YouTube and LOVED it.  I know the kids would too and it would help them learn the Beatitudes.  --Kay, Louisiana

Dear Cindy, I have been searching for a song to teach my 4,5 and 6 year old Sunday School Class for Mother's Day and haven't been able to find one I liked until I heard yours. --Debby

This song is exceptional & everybody loves it [I Love Her 'Cause She's My Mom]! I live in Australia so I'm sending positive feedback from this part of the world!  --Justyna, Australia

We are very excited to be doing your (Mother's Day) song here at Prospect Church. It's so endearing & the perfect way to melt our mother's' hearts! Perhaps it will become something of a tradition each year. --Peter, South Africa

Thank you for the easy-to-maneuver website & brilliant samples of the songs. This made it so easy to practice with. I love this song [I Love Her 'Cause She's My Mom]! It's fantastic. God bless. --Larissa, Wisconsin

Hi Cindy, I sent you an email yesterday regarding I Love Her 'Cause She's My Mom, but came across this gem today (Mother's Blues) and would like to purchase the backup musical track for Mother's Blues also. Please let me know the cost, etc. My kid's choir will love to decide which one to do this year! Keep up the great work!

I am the pianist for our church & I am blessed personally by your compositions. I prayed I would be like you someday. --Hanna, Philippines